Key Discussion Topics 2024

A closer look at the latest trends in eAxle, the core technology of EVs

Motor Development & Supply Chain Risk Management for EV Materials

Policy development for domestic and international data linkage and industrial Data Transformation

Impact of Generative AI on the Mobility Industry

E/E Architecture Transformation and Data Driven ADAS Software Development

Technological Evolution of SoC – Key for Software-defined Vehicle Development

Imaging Radar and Edge AI for Autonomous Driving

‘Steering Revolution’ and Its Impact on AD/ADAS

GIGACAST Changes Vehicle Production

Developing a Lightweight, High-rigidity Body toward Carbon Neutrality

Making Cars by Developing Horizontally Recycled Materials

EV Powertrain: Forefront of Development

Software Defined Vehicles – Impact on Development and User Experience

Advanced Thermal Management System of Electric Mobility

Electrochemical Pathways Towards Deep Decarbonization and Profitable Sustainability

Optimizing Li-ion Battery Pack Design to Improve the Safety of Electric Vehicles

High power and power density inductive charging system for busses and heavy-duty vehicles

Optimizing the positions of battery swapping stations

High-precision evaluation system of EV motors in low-speed conditions for improving motor control

Distributed Validation and Testing of EV Systems

Application of Thermal CAE Analysis to Electric Drive Module for xEV

Cooling Performance of Lubricating Oils for Liquid-Cooled Motor and Battery Thermal Management System in EVs

Investigation of Internal Deformation of Lithium-ion Battery and Simulation Model for Internal Short Circuit

Advancements in semiconductor technology impact the design and functionality of E/E components in vehicles

Advanced vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies and smart charging systems contributing to energy management in future E/E architectures